Choosing Organic

It is concerning that marketing and advertising campaigns have made many of us numb to the word ‘organic’. Having lost touch with its true meaning, we see it at best, as an opportunity to purchase a clear conscience and at worst, standing for ‘expensive veg’.

Many products sold as organic are misleading, the organic content is diluted, compromising the contents promise to function as an organic product. Naturally the word ‘Organic’ leads us to believe we will reap the benefits, when we are in fact receiving a watered down version, with the only benefit being received by the company producing these products with an increased price tag.

We think it is about time we remember the reason why we are attracted to the word organic. It was the environmentalists, once thought of as fanatics, who were screaming for organic principles. They wanted us to realise the value of protecting our environment and be respectful of nature, 30 years before it was profitable.

Since the industrial revolution our modern economic forces and governments have legitimised and promoted the dis-respect of our ecosystems, biodiversity and habitats. In the name of modernisation we have become detached, seeing ourselves and our needs superior to what was once understood as our Mother Earth.

Still today our innovation represents the exploitation and destruction of life around us to a degree greater than ever before.

We believe organic principals should represent one small step toward our return of respect and sensitivity to nurturing all life and its eco systems.


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