Essential Oil of the Week – Jasmine

Get rid of the Christmas Blues with Jasmine Essential Oil.

Jasmine is a very famous flower for it’s strong, yet sweet and pleasing scent; the fragrance often being associated with romance and love. This wonderful flower blooms only at night filling its surroundings with an inviting and unmistakable scent.

How ever, putting our poetic feelings to one side, Jasmine Essential Oil has so much more to offer!

Health Benefits of Jasmine Essential Oil

  • Actively fights depression
  • Helps to fade scarring
  • Antiseptic properties
  • Aids restful sleep
  • Calms mood swings
  • Boosts energy and uplifts moods

With health benefits such as these Jasmine is much more than your every day flower.

Jasmine Essential Oil of the Week by Arcania Apothecary

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