Bespoke Fragrances by Richard Howard

Ever since I began my relationship with natural perfumery it has been organically developing. Evolving through a sensitive and exciting journey of discovery and anticipation.

The tools that I have used on this journey are natural. Essential oils, absolutes, concretes and resins are the botanical essences that make the perfumer’s vision into a reality.

Their chemistry is built upon the infinite complexity of nature’s design. Paracelsus described it as… ‘The spiritus vitae (life spirit) and quinta essentia (spark of divinity) is within.’

We share with all life this original spark. Through the window of pure plant essences we can recognise and deepen are understanding of nature’s spark of divinity and our life spirt.

Through our sense of smell, natural perfumes interact with our subconscious. Fragrance transcends a language defined by words, triggering memories, emotions and sensual impulses.

Conscious of this, a perfumer’s journey is guided by respect for the plant essences and the person experiencing them. There can be no compromising in this process, within the art form, the science and adventure is endless.


By Richard Howard

Richard Howard Managing Director at Arcania Apothecary, Wells, Somerset

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