Essential Oil of the Week - Orange

Essential Oil of the Week – Orange

Why not try something different this Pancake Day with Orange Essential Oil! Oranges have so many uses, they’re delicious to eat, drink and they have many benefits for your skin; including properties such as anti ageing and wrinkle lifting. There are also some fantastic health benefits to using Orange Essential Oil…  Health Benefits of Orange

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil of the week by Arcania Apothecary

Essential Oil of the Week – Eucalyptus

Celebrate Australia Day with Eucalyptus Essential Oil! The Eucalyptus tree is native to Australia, although it has attracted the attention of the entire world with its endless benefits. Many countries produce Eucalyptus Oil in small quantities but Australia is still the prime source for the World. There is a well known bond between the Koala

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Jasmine Essential Oil of the Week by Arcania Apothecary

Essential Oil of the Week – Jasmine

Get rid of the Christmas Blues with Jasmine Essential Oil. Jasmine is a very famous flower for it’s strong, yet sweet and pleasing scent; the fragrance often being associated with romance and love. This wonderful flower blooms only at night filling its surroundings with an inviting and unmistakable scent. How ever, putting our poetic feelings

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Lavender Essential Oil of the Week from Arcania Apothecary

Essential Oil of the Week – Lavender

Relax after Christmas with Lavender Essential Oil. Everyone knows that Christmas can be quite a stressful time of year! If your feeling run down, anxious or stressed after the Christmas period then Lavender is the Essential Oil for you! The benefits are endless, with calming and relaxing properties, Lavender Essential Oil has the ability to

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Lemon Essential Oil Of The Week, Natural Fragrance

Essential Oil of the Week – Lemon

Have a fresh start in 2016 with Lemon Essential Oil! Lemon Essential Oil has so many benefits (especially at this time of year). If you’re feeling stressed or run down after Christmas then this is the essential oil for you Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil Calms the nerves Relieves stress Antiseptic qualities High vitamin content Boosts immunity

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Our View on Animal Testing

Using animals to test ingredients or finished products within the cosmetic industry is a practice that we firmly stand against and is probably one of the most controversial areas of animal testing. Even though it was banned in the UK in 1998 it does still occur in other areas of the world and the reality

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Choosing Organic by Arcania Apothecary, Wells, Somerset

Choosing Organic

It is concerning that marketing and advertising campaigns have made many of us numb to the word ‘organic’. Having lost touch with its true meaning, we see it at best, as an opportunity to purchase a clear conscience and at worst, standing for ‘expensive veg’. Many products sold as organic are misleading, the organic content

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Bespoke Fragrance by Richard Howard, Managing Director of Arcania Apothecary

Bespoke Fragrances

My relationship with natural perfumery is organically developing all of the time through a sensitive, privileged and exciting journey of discovery and anticipation. Essential oils, absolutes, concretes and resins are the botanical essences that make the perfumer’s vision into a reality. Their chemistry is built upon the infinite complexity of nature’s design and as Paracelsus

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Daisy in Somerset

Our Ethos

Founded by Richard Howard – Brand Innovator – Perfumer – Formulator Running arcania apothecary alongside Richard is a fantastic 23 strong team, with exceptional expertise, dedication and passion Organic business development over 20 years, responding initially to therapist / spa clientele with botanically based face, body and hair products Progressive formulation integrity led by capturing brand individuality,

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The Vessel in the Lab at Arcania Apothecary, Wells, Somerset

Our Unique Service

New Product Development (NPD) Fragrance Expertise: Innovators and leaders specialising in natural perfumery Progressive formulators specialising in the latest Bio Technology science Product idea generation, stimulating brand concept EU product safety assessments (CPRS) including guidance conforming to legislations world wide Product development with the aim to support specific claims Manufacture Specialist manufacturing infrastructure supporting emerging brands within

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