Our Mission

Always innovating

We’ve been challenging industry standards for over 25 years and continue to do so as we innovate in the areas of cosmetic formulation, manufacturing, packaging and distribution. We’re proud to be one of the first companies in the UK to break through the restrictive boundaries of the cosmetic industry and question standard beauty myths.

This ethos of innovation supports us in delivering consistently high quality products, encouraging environmental sustainability and care for all the people in our supply chain. We love to reflect, envision and push the boundaries of our sector, in the pursuit of purer, cleaner and more vibrant formulations and methodology.


We deeply respect our planet and orient ourselves in service of its diverse, interwoven ecosystems. As a result we aim for true sustainability in all our practices, and are committed to recognising and eliminating anything from our practice that causes harm to all living beings and the planet. 

Wherever possible, we source natural botanical materials that are free of pesticides and grow our own specialist collection of plants. We strive to eliminate our use of single-use plastic, stand against animal testing and have clear targets for using 100% renewable energy in our manufacturing process, currently the only UK manufacturer with complete biofuel systems saving up to 120 tonnes of carbon emission othersiwse going into the atmotsphere. 


To us, true beauty nurtures a person’s whole being. We see the body as an incredible system, with a natural capacity to heal, renew and care for itself. We believe that synthetic chemical additives in body-care products unnecessarily burden the body and interfere with its natural processes.

With this in mind, we’re committed to developing healthy, safe and kind alternatives to the chemicals and artificial substances commonly used in formulating cosmetic products. We’re always trialling and testing our formulations on naturopaths, aromatherapists, homeopaths, hair and beauty experts and, of course, our friends and family. 

Our suppliers meet strict criteria for ethical trading in terms of human resource and environmentally conscious land management. Our close-knit team supports clients and each other with precision, flexibility, generosity and patience. 


Our care and passion for the planet and its people inspires the way we develop, formulate, manufacture and package our products. For over 25 years we’ve been leading innovation with trend-setting formulations driven by our in-house creative team, including biochemists, five accomplished cosmetic chemists and a master perfumer.

Manufacturing with integrity and efficiency, we produce our products  with sensitivity to the ingredients, ensuring optimum efficacy and quality, also avoiding the need for more toxic preservative systems. 

Always aiming to exceed our customer expectations, we constantly update our progressive formulas based upon cutting-edge science and our commitment to quality, innovation and beauty. 

“​​I am blessed and grateful to be surrounded by incredible people, who help me every day to bring this mission statement to life. Thank you.”


  • Richard Howard

From above of drops of transparent moisturizing cosmetic product dripped by pipette and small fresh flower head placed on white table